Mark Your Calendars: October Short Forays and more…

AAA Journey Magazine (bimonthly) is a good source of upcoming events.

Looking for something interesting and fun to do in this Indian Summer?

Sept 30-October 2ndTrucktoberfest second annual…a large selection of food and drink from local food trucks, outdoor film festival and family-friendly day fun on Sunday, South Lake Union Discovery Center. Details were not all in at time of publication so call 206.547.2577. Plan B: so much going on in this neighborhood, check out the calendar of events.

October 7th, 8th and 9th – I really advise you to get tickets to the Seattle Pops series. They sell out!

First up: Cirque de la Symphonie returns to the Benaroya Hall stage with an all-new program of awe-inspiring physical feats of power and beauty! Paired with the music from blockbuster movie classics, including Indiana Jones, Batman, Back to the Future, Harry Potter and West Side Story, this thrill ride includes the spectacle of acrobats, jugglers and aerial flyers soaring high above the heads of the orchestra.

And, look at all the other offerings this year and ticket deals!

Early Warning – Sneak Peek: Look for the $29 sale, which is from the 8th to the 15th of October. You can visit the website – essentially a large number of concerts in the season will be available for $29 orchestra level tickets with a minimum of a three concert purchase.  Info will be on the website by October 5th.

Again, this is one of my favorite culture venues in Seattle with its wonderful acoustics, vast programming and good deals: Create Your Own Series, My Symphony, Teen Tix and Family Connections a few more to look into!

October 7-8thFall Arts Walk Olympia WA – Businesses open their doors to artists with demonstrations, hands-on activities and street performance

Place to stay: We loved the Best Western Plus Lacy rated number 1 on Trip Advisor. (I’ll be writing more about our 2 days away in Olympia last week-end.) Other options include some interesting looking B and B’s…all full last week-end when we were there.

October 7-9th
St. Demetrios Greek Festival, a popular event with lots going on. 9pm on Friday, October 7th; 10am – 9pm on Saturday, October 8th and noon – 7pm on Sunday, October 9th. Seattle’s Greek Festival remains one that still offers free admission and parking, with free shuttle service offered from both the Seattle Prep Parking Garage and Montlake Elementary School Playground on Saturday and Sunday during festival hours.

And more to take you through to the end of the month, (finger crossed on the good weather!) and the next October event:

Silent Reading Party invented by the editors of the Stranger…every first Wednesday of the month at the Sorrento hotel in the Fireside room they say you may not get a seat. An evening of reading silently while food and drinks are served and the piano plays softly in the background with Paul Matthew Moore at the keyboard. All ages, free.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor’s Center– “Arrive curious. Leave inspired.” Free, next to Seattle Center, Tues-Sat 10am-5pm. Free group tours may be schedules in advance.

Seattle’s Most BORING Exhibit SR 99 Tunnel Project– You love to hate it… but, would you like to see it up close? Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm, Wednesdays-Fridays, Noon to 1pm, Saturdays Noon-1pm and 3-4pm. Free.

Skyview Observatory Floor 73 at the Columbia Tower (click the link to see the view!) – 10am-8pm – $14.75 adults, $9 seniors 55 & over, same for military and children 6-12, under 6 free. They have a Café. Happy Hour 3-6 and all day Sunday.

Smith Tower once the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. An historic exhibit and Café and bar. – $10-$12, 206.624-0414. 206-624-0424

October 29-30
Dia de Muertos – Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead (“remembering our departed”)…music, dancing arts and crafts. Seattle center, free. One of my favorite souvenirs we ever bought was a miniature mariachi band of skeletons stuffed in a little traditionally painted worry doll box from one of our trips south. We are Day of the Dead fans!

Two News You Can Use Items:

Use – garage rates are either $3/hr or $7 flat rate (tax included).

The Stranger Fall Performance Guide…browse the issue….see you at some of the events…you’ll read about some as well in upcoming blogs.

Bonus: This season makes me want to cook comfort food. I wanted to share my family’s very favorite easy fall cake recipe. This recipe I got when my oldest was in kindergarten and they had their Thanksgiving feast (30 some years ago!) – so simple and so good:

Gingerbread Apple Walnut Cake

Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix

Preheat oven 350 degrees.

  1. Pour mix into ungreased 8 or 9 inch square pan
  2. Add 1 ¼ cups water and an egg, stir till well mixed with a fork
  3. Cut up one apple in small pieces sprinkle over mix (I love Honeycrisp or Jonagolds)
  4. Break up walnuts into pieces about a ½ cup or so
  5. Use fork to mix up a bit
  6. Sprinkle a handful of brown sugar over the top
  7. Bake per instruction 30-40 minutes and check to see toothpick comes out clean.

When cool enough to cut.Take squares of cake and sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar and lemon juice. Serve and sit in front of a fire and enjoy with tea or coffee.

Whipped cream can’t hurt!

The cookies are pretty good as well – recipe on box.

One more for you at Sunset magazine: Apple Cream Torte

Enjoy…Let me know what you are cooking up for fall favorites and for your Short Forays – click on the “leave a reply” link below.

ACT Theater production The Royale worth seeing!

The Royale playing at ACT Theater through October 9th is a clean and clever play where metaphor rules in unusual and relevant variations. A play that takes place in a boxing ring which is the metaphor of the conflict of racism being contained; and, the fighting and bloodshed over skin color and equality that is the history of this country. The audience joins in right away and the feel and thrill of being ringside sweeps you up – makes you a party to the action and then a silent observer to realities that hit with a one-two punch.

The intellectual reeling that results is carried out on stage by the actor’s movements – again metaphors as not one real punch is ever thrown throughout the entire play. Marco Ramirez (Orange is the New Black and other popular TV and film projects…currently on contract with Marvel TV) writes what he knows – he claims it was subliminally clothed in the fictionalized story of John Arthur “Jack” Jackson who become the first black heavy weight champion during the Jim Crow years.

The clapping, chanting, choreography, and cadence reminds one of a beating heart…and breath…of life. The life of a struggle for equality that is a cruel double-edged sword…that to lift even one man up, to attempt to even think to try to change cultural views and values takes a toll on those that fight (metaphor!) on those with hope a new day is dawning and those to afraid and beaten down to even try.

Directed aptly by drummer, choreographer Ameenah Kaplan, “[the play]…incorporates movement and rhythm based choreography…” according to the ACT. Kaplan explains: “It touches us viscerally and perhaps that is why rhythm works do well at bringing people together – because it’s just fundamental to being human. The theme of the play is about the divisive and deadly nature of racism. It’s meant to make us think and maybe teach us a lesson. What better way to unite an audience in thought and feeling than through rhythm?” Credit for all those things coming together in this production go to: Sharath Patel who put the sound design (with Kaplan) into place through the rehearsal process with the actors, boxing coach Chris Dennis and Kaplan who brings an extensive choreography background with her to this play.

The entire cast is very good: Jarrod M. Smith as Jay Jackson, Lorenzo Roberts as Fish, Zenobia Taylor as Nina, R. Hamilton Wright as Max and G. Valmont Thomas as Wynton. This is the type of play (and theme) that depends on that: timing, cooperation and collaboration (another metaphor).

G. Valmont Thomas,Wynton; Lorenzo Roberts, Fish and Jarrod M Smith as
Jay Jackson, R. Hamilton Wright as Max. Photo: Dawn Schaefer

The fights on stage between: the white capitalistic manager and the black boxing champ, between the boxer and his sister (standing in for the blacks who have lost their courage for freedom by being crudely beaten down, controlled and kept in their place by fear), by the boxer and his inner self and his black manager, the boxer and the next generation – it all represents the struggles of Sally Hemings, Dread Scot, the Jim Crow laws, Brown vs. the Board of Education, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King. Each era one round just like this six round boxing match where victory always meets bloodshed and loss on some real level for someone before a cultural shift of acceptance is ever realized and true victory is achieved with an actual paradigm shift.

This is a neat little package of a play, in ninety minutes it quickly moves along without intermission, with its talented and tightly directed cast using simple effective theatrics and props. You will like the play, love this production, enjoy the relevant and fun curtain call and leave the theater bizarrely happy-go-lucky.  Just be prepared…for the realizations that may hit hard once you are outside on the street. Get Tickets!

Parking is easy and a bargain $8 at the Convention Center Parking.

Added bonus: The Cheesecake Factory is just up the street and rated well on Tripadvisor. We popped in spur of the moment and enjoyed comparing notes about the play over the pear, arugula, pecan, blue cheese flatbread, avocado toast, and the excellent beet French salad. We finished with the lemon meringue cheesecake – excellent. We got in right away on a Thursday night – not sure about the week-ends. It is a large space. You can seat yourself at tables in the bar for the same service and menu. There is happy hour 4-6pm Monday-Friday which would work for some shows! Be warned the menu is like a book, the portions very large. We had the wonderful knowing guidance of Tim, our waiter, (who told us of specials and favorites of his and popular items, who advised and warned us we were ordering a lot of food…and, even then, secretly held back ordering our entrée to be sure we were not full before he sent the order in)…and, alas we were – stuffed! He smiled and kindly brought forth the coffee, tea and cheesecake. Thank you, Tim! Best waiter we ever had! The bill was reasonable the tip was high – on purpose!