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I am a certified tour director and tour guide having studied at the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) in San Francisco in 2011. Seattle is my lifelong home and my gateway city.

I am a lifelong resident of Seattle, WA. And, Seattle is my gateway city. I founded my business Travelore in 2011 after graduating from ITMI. Developing city tours, leading, directing tours, writing/editing history and memoirs have been the main stays of my business. I was the recipient of a Tourism Cares Scholarship in 2012.

It dawned on me while developing my business: the most fun I have as a traveler is on relatively inexpensive few days-away trips that allow for more spontaneity, surprise and a “less is more” attitude. I have way more fun and way less stress. That is why I am introducing you to trips of this nature through this web-site and blog.

The oldest of ten, mother of four I have planned many family outings, day trips, long week-ends and vacations. Including: a Food and Fun Tour for my native city – Seattle, Washington which is my get-away and gateway city. I have lead student tours, done local tours and have traveled for pleasure with my husband Jonathon for over 40 years.

I have been a writer since I was editor of my high school newspaper. I worked on 2 volumes of award-winning and award-nominated local history with my community, serving as project manager, editor, writer, and photographer. I have been a local reporter/photographer for my community newspaper for over 30 years. And, authored a local history column for over 4 years. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the UW in English with a writing emphasis in short story and expository forms.

This web-site is the culmination of all those experiences! I love to do research so expect good information about destinations. I have an eye and ear on the pulse of a place and hope to hone in on each destination’s unique sense of place in my travels and give you that vicarously as you read along. Eventually, I hope to push you from arm chair traveler to the actual trip taker, if at all possible. My blog will be about the actual trip that I took to that destination. It is my hope that with good info, interesting experiences and arresting photos you to will be inspired to take these trips and add your own twists.

If you are not able to travel, it is my hope that reading about my trips will entertain you and introduce to to places you yourself cannot experince first-hand. Either way, this travel blog will provide for you ideas about short stays that make great getaways!

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Monica Wooton