My Mission

The goal of A Few Days Away:

“Short stays that make great getaways.”

Note: These trips are usually for 2 adults, double occupancy. I will include some family trips with other configurations of vacationers as stated in a particiular blog. Destination Tips includes some info re children and pets, as noted there. Be advised: if you are changing the number and types of travelers in your party you are responsible for researching availabilties and activities. The author is not responsible for information regarding more than 2 adults in a single room, unless stated in the blog.

In a short time away, 1-4 days-away:

  • Leave it all behind
  • Open yourself up to discovery
  • Get a good sense of place
  • Find fine culture and funky fun
  • Experience gourmet eats and treats
  • Experience relaxation and recreation
  • See what you can see

In the trips I design and write about there is an emphasis on free and low-cost attractions, local cuisine and artisan specialties; and, reasonably priced accommodations that incorporate good location, vacation value and a little something special. There will be a variety of activities: visits to local fairs/markets or attractions, art walks/wine tastings, and always some funky fun like good Flea Markets,Thrift Shops, and Discount Shopping. And, I always am on the look out for the Serendipity Factor: when the universe hands you something special and completely out of the blue, you can accept in the spirit of adventure.

When I take a short break from real life it means taking a break from it all. I do not believe you can get relaxed and fell renewed or get true enjoyment and discover new things if you are not willing to be unplugged. It is one of my rules. To get the most out of these trips you have to really take a break. So, while I carry my phone for emergencies and my iPad for reading I seldom check email or do anything related to working. Being in the moment is one of the perks of being on a trip and being a good travel partner.

I do not compromise when it comes to some aspects of travel: these away-days give a traveler a great introduction to the local culture and people; and, provide a good measure of relaxation and recreation. I recommend good accomadations – all with value for the dollars spent.

There is a little bit of a foody feel for each destination with special restaurant experiences and local artisan food products to providing some ideas and recipes for when you are out and about or for evenings you want to stay-in. I will also provide recipes of special foods I encounter in restuarants. I am always looking for ways to get good food at reasonable prices and sometimes that means unconventional mealtimes  happy hours, brunches and serious noshing in less than 3 squares a day. You won’t go hungry.

There is a basic destination trip tips section for all destinations. This is provided so you can create your own adventures. Choose activities that fit what you like, the weather you are in and how you feel and who you go with when you take your few days-away. Each trip description tips includes basic information, a varied menu af activities, and tips for traveling. I will often do interviews with locals and the movers and shakers of each community. I will include good photograpy; and, additionally, local lore and the history of the area when possible.

Finally, I want to take you with me as I travel. But, I want to hear from you. If we do this right we will have great conversations about great get aways and discover different things worth sharing for others that follow in our foot-steps. Post your comments and suggestions!

Always striving for:

Short stays…great getaways!

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Monica Wooton