Check These Out NOW: For Your Short Forays Away!

NOTE: The Seattle Symphony wins another Grammy Award!

“The Seattle Symphony’s recording of Dutilleux’s Violin Concerto, L’arbre des songes
with violinist Augustin Hadelich has just won a 2016 Grammy Award for Best Classical Instrumental Solo. This recording is part of a three-disc, multi-year recording project on Seattle Symphony Media, the orchestra’s in-house record label. The recording features live performances of Symphony No. 2 and Métaboles, and was also nominated for Best Orchestral Performance and Best Engineered Album for the 2016 Grammys. The third and final recording, along with a commemorative box set of all three recordings, will be released later in August in commemoration of Dutilleux’s 100th anniversary.” –You You Xia, Public Relations Manager

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Saoirse Úna Ronan is an Irish-American actress. She is a two-time Academy Award nominee; receiving Best Supporting Actress nomination for her breakthrough role as Briony Tallis in Atonement, and a Best Actress nomination for her role as Eilis Lacey in Brooklyn.

Next Post: A Short Stay – 3 days away in Redmond, WA…with lots to recommend it! Jon and I are just back and had a great time. Stay tuned.

What do you know of that is coming up that would make a great Short Foray Away? Share your recommendations in the comment section!

4 thoughts on “Check These Out NOW: For Your Short Forays Away!

  1. Thanks Monica! These all sound great and I’m especially looking forward to seeing Brooklyn as I loved the book. I appreciate this reminder. Sounds like you’ve been having fun with outings and I can’t wait to read about your 3 days in Redmond!

    • Barb~ Thanks for your comments! 3 days away in Redmond will be up soon! A great short stay away…And, regardless of the lack of academy awards for Brooklyn it was one of my favorite movies of the year! Let me know what you think if you get to see it!

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