Google It!

In writing my blogs, I carefully include internet sites that provide interesting and excellent information or services that are intended to enhance destination information and experiences. Some of the ones I use regularly and find reliable are listed below. I recommend using them when you design your own short forays or days-away.

Sites that allow you to look up time schedules or specialty information that you would need are also included in the individual blog posts as well as various specialty sites I found interesting and accurate. There are also sites that just struck my fancy as I researched. These links are used in the blogs and in the Days-Away/Short Forays Tips Sheets.

I do love Tripadvisor and it’s features such as Room Tips. I also do extensive research of all the trips away and short forays which leads to some special and off-beat sites I send you to in the blog posts. Be sure to click on any blue writing to see where it takes you.

Accommodations, things to do, general topics about a location, reviews:


Restaurants: Urbanspoon was my favorite restaurant site until it sold and became Zamato. No longer my favorite. I now rely on various websites which have reviews.

Weather forecasts/trends and weather history: ACCUWEATHER




Rental Property: VRBO

Hotel Reservations: My current favorite:

If you discover a link is no longer available or is inaccurate please let me know so I can fix the problem or delete it. And, if you know of other reliable and interesting links for a destination I have visited, let me know and I will add them.

Google It! Gives you some ideas for you to get the best information before you go and when you are experiencing great short forays or days-away!



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