Sci-Fi at the Pops – get tickets if you still can!

If you ignored me and did not reserve tickets for the Seattle Symphony’s Sci-Fi at the Pops program, I am sad; BUT, you my luck out and get tickets now for tonight and tomorrow. My advice: Try! It is a wonderful evening of rich symphonic music and entertainment…any ticket in the house will do!

These scores are amazingly full of swells, swings, and tinkling sounds that have become so much a part of our American Film culture. Composer John Williams’ prolific work is the star of the show but Danny Elfman (one of my favorites) and Michael Giacchino and others add their signature sounds to this enjoyable evening. There is a salute to classical composers who influenced or whose music was used in these scores as well.

Strings, French horns and xylophone are amazing and the organ music (the organ is a beautiful imposing is instrument on the stage) is a wonderful addition. Director Jeff Tyzik narrates with fun stories about Hollywood insiders, the composers and this music. This program will have you remembering when you cried when you saw ET ( here is the music we heard last night with the movie scene), make you want to go and watch 2001: A Space Odyssey just to check out the music again (many classical pieces and orchestral music was used) and will remind you how that Star Trek ushered in a form of music that has matured with Harry Potter, Superman and culminates again this year with the return of Stars Wars. The concert provides interesting pieces from it like The Imperial March – The Darth Vader theme and of course the main theme.

This is the music that introduces character and moves along action and theme and is often hidden under those elements when you see a movie. You’ll hear it loud and clear at Benaroya Hall and in the symphony setting with a richness and subtlety not in the movies. Spoiler alert: not matter how much you stand and applaud, our audience was on its feet for 3 bows and finally gave up, there will be no encore here.

ADDED BONUS: I urge you to spend some time really exploring what’s coming at The Seattle Symphony: this summer’s American Music Festival: Tuning Up $25 tickets each for nine great concerts -$148 pass w privileges, the holidays and in the 2016-2017 coming season. The Seattle Symphony has absolutely has something for everyone at ticket prices most everyone can afford and everyone should take advantage!

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