Seattle Symphony’s Messiah THE antidote to the hustle and bustle…

Simply majestic…my recommendation: go ahead – get your hustle and bustle on before you go to the Seattle Symphony’s The Messiah by George Frideric Handle ; but, go to this Messiah! Go see it snow inside Pacific Place (6pm), get a great bowl of minestrone at Il Fornaio, watch the Santa photo’s in the iconic Santa’s workshop on the corner of 6th and Pine. Stop by Nordstrom’s Rack for a pair of Christmas pajama’s, walk by the city Christmas tree and carousel at Westlake Center Plaza, marvel at the Macy star and stop for a box of dark chocolate Frango’s (and the women’s department of Karen Scott, second floor, to get ridiculously low prices on wonderful sweaters and turtleneck’s – the white one with polka dots and little black Scottie dogs with tiny red bows about their necks was one I had to get – $7…and, Santa if you are reading this…).

BUT, then, absolutely go to Benaroya Hall and enjoy this gift of tradition and great music. The Seattle Symphony and Seattle Symphony Chorale are outstanding as is the award-winning and amazing conductor Stephen Layton (have a listen) and the principal’s all have international reputations, especially great – the tenor Gwilym Bowen and soprano Eleanor Dennis. This is truly something special. The written program is full of fun facts and the history of this composition by Handle (this piece was composed for Easter not Christmas!) plus contains the full text. In the first act the trumpets are playing from above…and, then the Hallelujah chorus! It is what you need right now!

Tickets for the performances today – 1pm and 8pm and Sunday 2pm remain. Don’t be particular, any seat will do…it is just about perfect timing to be the best gift you can give yourself or others this holiday season! I could go on and on…better you stop reading and get going…and, then ease into your seat and sit back and enjoy this magnificent concert!

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