Short Foray Away: Seattle Men’s Chorus Tomorrow–Go!

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Seattle Men’s Chorus

We went last night and loved it! This is the last year Dennis Coleman will be conductor/artistic director and the program has excellent holiday music, relevant social themes and is loads of fun. I would have preferred the traditional Ave Maria but the Jingle Bell Hallelujah is wonderful! The solo performances are great including Dennis Coleman’s. A P.C. Christmas is a hoot, Text Me Merry Christmas so relevant it hurts and the music of Freddy Mercury with its holiday spin all a part of the enormous fun! The audience sing along is a great one and also touching. The show is filled with Christmas cheer, touching sentiments in a time we need them (Not in Our Town) and all its usual campy stuff! Simple hand movements in mass, jazz hands to American Sign Language – you will be clapping along and in tribute. Silent Night is amazing! The finale is clever and creative as are all the costumes accent on the costumes! Act right now and use discount code COMEAGAIN to get 20% off your tickets for December 13th.

The Final Word: Get your tickets today and go if you possible can! Sunday traffic will be at a minimum and they do a wonderful job of directing what traffic there is to alleviate stress. Two and a half hours away in a mostly deserted but gaily decorated Downtown Seattle with the heartwarming Seattle Men’s Chorus starts the holidays out right. Benaroya Hall is a great venue and really all the seats are great…including the very reasonable ones we had in the very last row! Parking is pretty simple and the chorus sends info to you after you purchase your tickets letting you know the particulars. Be Aware: You must print out your tickets if you order on-line tickets they did not have the capacity to read tickets on devices!

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