Tips on better airfares and skipping TSA checks.

Two important travel topics were handled by Travelzoo this week (if you haven’t subscribed yet you really should – as I have said in past blogs!). This is news you can use on 12 tips to book cheaper airfares and getting through TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checks by enrolling in pre-check programs that let you skip the shoes on/off and liquids/laptop checks. I suggest you spend some time reading about both topics…it could make travel less expensive and more enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Tips on better airfares and skipping TSA checks.

  1. If I’m just generally looking for when in the near future a flight may be cheaper, I start with Google’s Flight Search… . I enter my destination, how long I plan to stay, and back comes a bar chart on the cheapest economy flights that are available.

    • Yes, I like doing that as well. And, ITA Matrix is their earlier program that offers a range of fares over a span of time. I use that often as well. Thanks for your comment, Bruce!

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