Travel Philosophy

A good get-away begins with a spirit of adventure and a willingness to discover. Preparation and research are important! Packing light, knowing the territory, and planning a few essentials will make the going so much easier and more enjoyable. I believe a great vacation, no matter how short, ends with a feeling of money and time well-spent, a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation; and, the discovery of a few surprises all culminating in a clear sense of a new place.

A good traveler is one who is flexible, creative and curious. And, of course, has a great sense of humor and the ability to see silver linings! If you are not a lemons-to-lemonade person travel may not be your thing!

A good rule of thumb apply your creativity and imagination at the destination. The trips you will see here are designed to be affordable travel; but, not neccessarily budget travel. There will be free, affordable and some splurge activities and meals. You can pick and choose to meet your budget, travel likes and dislikes. Do more of one thing suggested or less of another if it suits your budget and travel needs. Most trips are for two adults but kid and pet-freindly activities/information will be included.

A good time had by all will be my blog report of a particular suggested trip. My version of a few days away in a particular place. My few days away philosohy will be at work in my version; and, you are incouraged to use it for the version you choose to create given the information provided and your own additions.

Knowing this it can always be:

Short stays that make great getaways!

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Monica Wooton